Organization of the Mind = Growth

May 4, 2018

In life, we are either growing or we are protecting.  We are thriving or surviving.  We are expanding or we are shrinking.  We are living or we are dying.  This is what we are doing on consistent basis.  Every single day, you are moving more towards growth, thriving, expanding and living OR you are moving twards protecting, surviving, shrinking and dying.  

You are never in the same place at the same time and you can only be one of these at the end of the day.  Which one would you choose?  What do you want to predominately be in at the end of the day?  

In this podcast, I will be discussing how to start the process of helping your nervous system and your body focus more on growth, thriving, expanding and living rather than protecting, surviving, shrinking and dying.  We will share were it all starts and how we can help give you a slight edge on the growth side of things!

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