What is the Cause of Autism?

April 20, 2018

April has been declared Autism Awareness Month.  The rise in Autism is happening in staggering numbers.  What is the cause?  Why are we seeing this?  WIth all the medical advancements and new technology, how can this continue to be on the rise?  Experts and researchers state we will see an Autism rate of 1 out of 2 chidlren by 2025 which they state 80% will be boys.  

In this episode, I share some of the causes behind why we are seeing a rise in Autism and what truly is the cause of Autism.  Tune in for more...

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15 Benefits to Consume CBD Oil

April 13, 2018

CBD oil is found from the hemp/marijuana plant.  CBD has been known for many of its holistic and healing properties such as protecting your nervous system, regrowing neurons in the brain, improving heart health, improving bone health, decrease pain and so much more.  In this podcast, Dr. Vic will share with the top 15 benefits with research to share why he consumes CBD oil and why he recommends it for his patients.  


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