Three Dimensions to a Vibrant Heart

February 21, 2015

In this episode, Dr. Vic will share with you three dimensions on how you can truly create a vibrant heart.  He will talk about physical, chemical and mental/emotional dimenisons of one's health.  He will provide research and the basis of this show is to give you enough information to empower yourself and give you something to look into how to take full control of your HEART health!  

Measles 101 - Understanding the Virus and Its Nature

February 6, 2015

There has been an explosion of talk about the measles virus, outbreaks, vaccines, anti-vax individuals and more.  People are sharing their opinions based upon what they thing is best and what the cause is.  I think it is great and it may even start to get people thinking more critically.  

With that being said, I wanted to share with you what the measles virus is and why vaccination is very difficult to protect you and your family from the measles and why we will continue to see outbreaks of the virus.  In China, a country who mandates the measles vaccine and has 99% of the country vaccinated, experienced over 700 outbreaks of the measles between the years 2009-2012.  

As many people want to blame the individuals who do not get vaccinated, my question is, why be concerned because if your child was vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about BUT time has shown, even children who are vaccinated are only protected for a small period of time and even worse, only for that one strain.

Learn more about the Measles and understand how the virus and other viruses like the measles function.