Genes Do Not Control Your Health!

January 16, 2015

Join Dr. Vic as he talks about how we have been misled on genes.  We have been told for over 50 years that genees control your health and if your family had a chronic disease, you have a very high chance of having it.  After 15+ years of research in epigenetics, we have found out that genes control our destiny of health is farther from the truth.  The truth is, lifestyle choices control your genes.  

Tune in as Dr. Vic shares with you the basics of how your genes work and what you can do to empower your health towards living a long, active, vibratn life!

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Don’t Be Part of the 92% Failing NY Resolutions…

January 3, 2015

Listen in as Dr. Vic explains the reasons why many people, 92% to be exact, end up failing their New Year Resolutions.  Dr. Vic will share 4 secrets on how to be part of the 8%.  

Majority of people want to change their lives when it comes to a new year and this is great but when it comes to actually doing the work, only 8% do it.  But, it doesn't mean it is hard, just means you need to have a strategy and know how to create an execution plan.

Tune in and share with friends that you know who are trying to truly make 2015 the best year ever!