Marijuana - Good, Bad and the Ugly

February 28, 2014

Marijuana is starting to catch wild fire about legalization with states such as Colorado and Washington as being able to use recreationally.  Many other states have legalized the use for it medically.  The question is, what ways does marijuana help with our health?  Is it worth smoking or consuming?  How does it help with autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and how will it affect individuals with mental stress?  What are other usages of marijuana rather than just using it for health?

Tune in as we get the high on Marijuana and how it can truly help in many different areas of one's health and overall, help humanity function in a more ecological ways to where we can continue our lives the way they are without harming the planet.

Sounds That Heal

February 14, 2014

Ever hear of Sound Therapy?  This short 30 minute show will explain the benefits of using sound to help heal.  Dr. Vic will explain the benefits of brainwave technology, music playing at 432hz rather than 440hz and much more.  Learn about ancient techniques as the Gong music, buddhist bell and many others that can help an individual break away from painful emotions, and many more

Tune in!