Why Paleo?

January 31, 2014

There are so many diets and recommendations on what you should eat.  Vegans will tell you that animal products are the worst.  Vegetarians will say everything that comes from the ground is all you need.  Paleo diet advocates state that we need to eat more like our ancestors did.  Which one is true?  Well, in today's show, we will explain one of these concepts, Paleo.  We will talk about the research, the benefits of consuming a Paleo diet and what resources can you find out there to learn more about the Paleo diet and how it can play a huge impact in your health. 

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Antibiotics: How They Destroy Your Immune System

January 24, 2014

We constantly see individuals take anti-biotics for every little flare up.  Doctors, still to this day, prescribe anti-biotics for children with ear infections.  We see constant prescriptions of anti-biotics for sinus infections and so much more.  The question we ask is, what does these anti-biotics do to your health?  How do they affect all the systems within your body?  Since probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut has been linked to 80% of your immune system, how does antibiotics play an effect?  

Tune in on January 24th, Friday @1pm as Dr. Vic talks about how Anti-biotics effect your health, increase your chances of cancer and what are other options that can help you the next time you are faced with an infection.

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Release the Pressure of Your High Blood Pressure

January 17, 2014

One of the chronic things I see everyday is individuals who are on high blood pressure medication.  We have been trained that 120/80 is considered to be good.  A standard doctor would recommended a beta-blocker to help reduce your blood pressure and tell you to consume a diet low in sodium/salt.  Well, my question is, what if having little to no salt is not good for your condition?  What may be causing your blood pressure system to not be in balance? What are things that may cause high blood pressure and learn about the 5 factors to help reduce blood pressure naturally.  

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Ways to Create the New You for 2014

January 10, 2014

First off from everyone at Wellness Smart Radio, we want to wish you an amazing New Year in 2014.  Today's show will give you insights on how to create a new you in the new year.  Many people are rushing out, working hard to create their New Year resolution and desire to create the new person they desire.  This is a time I love out of the entire year because of all the creativity, positivity and individuals actually focusing on themself and how they would like to improve their life.  

Dr. Vic will give 5 simple tips on how you can create the New You in 2014.  It is something you can apply not only to your own personal goals but career goals, family goals and much more.  Tune in on Friday, January 10th at 12pm EST/1pm CST.