Healthy Alternatives to a Sugary Season…

November 26, 2013

Tis the season of gifts, sweets and many family gatherings.  Sugar is the main consumption of foods we eat.  We have our sweets and pies for Thanksgiving.  During the Christmas/Holiday season, we have our cookies, sweets, pies, cakes and much more.  We consume so much sugar than we normally do BUT what if we can enjoy the same foods with less sugar.  What if there are healthy alternatives that are not so devastating to one's health and immune system? Learn about the variety of healthy alternatives that you can implement in your baking today and still enjoy those amazing sweets that you desire...  Tune in...

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Carbs - Decrease the Health of Your Brain

November 12, 2013

We have been told Carbohydrates are great to consume.  We have been told that white flour, then whole grain and then fruits and vegetables.  What if all carbs are not healthy for us except a minimal few?  What if there is another specfic nutritional guide/diet that would benefit our health and body instead of deprive it?  

In this show, Dr. Vic will explain in full detail what Carbohydrates do to the brain, go bakc into human history of what our ancestors did and how consuming specific fats do amazing benefits for an individual.  Yes, these fats will include BUTTER and many others...  


Trials and Triumphs – La Grange’s Heroes Tell Their Story

November 7, 2013

Join us for an interview on how one person, chose a different route when it came to his health and how it impacted, not just his health, but also his career and life.  See the challenges he had to go through to achieve his healing journey. Afterwards, we will talk unscripted about what he love so very much, money...  Matt Sapaula is one of the nation's top financial coaches.  He has been in the industry for the past 13 years and his methods are against conventional methods.  We will be asking him questions about Obamacare, basic finances and more...  Don't miss out!