Sugar is Sweet but NOT Nice…

August 20, 2013

Sugar is a product we constantly consume in America.  Americans consume 130-150lbs of sugar per year.  Can you guess why we see Diabetes a pandemic illness?  In our show, we will not be talking about how sugar causes Diabetes although it is a main factor.  We will be talking about the effects of sugar, carbs and what to do if you have a sweet tooth...  Tune in: 347.341.5251 iTunes: Search Wellness Smart Radio Online:   Like us on FB: If you like for us to talk about a specific topic or know someone you like us to interview, email us at

Safe, Natural Protection from Mosquitoes

August 13, 2013

Every summer, towns in America start doing their mosquito spraying to help decrease mosquitoes and more importantly, decrease the chances of West Nile Virus.  But, has there ever been research presented that talks about the risk we have, living in America, contracting the West Nile Virus?  Also,what are they spraying and is it safe?   Tuen into the show to hear about these things and natural ways you can protect yourself from mosquitoes.  Plus, these natural ingredients also help in other matters with one's health.   Call in: 347.341.5251 or visit us on the web

Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

August 6, 2013

We are seeing that the battle on labeling Genetically modified organism foods are going into effect next week.  The question is, is it right for us to have them labeled as a consumer?  Monsanto is one of the biggest threats to humanity and it is a right to have them labeled.   In this show, we will be talking about what is happening at Washington, what is the new findings about individuals who consume genetically modified foods and what can you do in order to petition into labeling these foods.   Call in live at 347.324.5251 or join us online! Also, don't forget to like us on Facebook at