Foods and Ingredients to Avoid

February 20, 2013

In today's show, we will be talking about the variety of ingredients and foods that I highly recommend to stay away from.  These ingredients cause a major hazard to your health.  It doesn't matter if you have it once or everyday.  A small dose of poison or a daily dose of poison is still poison to the body.  We will give some recommendations to what to consume that will be healthier alternatives... More for info, listen to the show and please share with others and comment...

Revamp Your New Year’s Resolutions

February 13, 2013

This is normally the time when people start to stop doing their New Year's Resolutions...   Listen in on the show to find ways not to let this happen to you

Statin Drugs are Scary

February 6, 2013

In today's show we will be talking about cholesterol-lowering drugs otherwise known as statins.  We will bring much research about the effectiveness of these drugs, side effects and how it harms your body.  This will be a continuation of our previous show about Cholesterol.  We recommend listening to our previous show on cholesterol to give you a better understanding and depth of how statin drugs are not very good for you.

Importance of Cholesterol

February 5, 2013

Cholesterol gets a bad rap when it comes to heart disease.  Majority of the medical establishment wants to limit the amount of cholesterol your body produces to keep it under a number of 200.  In today's show, we are going to talk about what cholesterol does for your body, how to read your blood work and what to do if your numbers are not what you desire.   Tune in to today's radio show and enlighten your mind about this beautiful fat our body produces..