Thyroid Health

August 29, 2012

You are seeing more and more each day, women between the ages of 45-55 are having thyroid conditions.  It is growing rapidly.  Find out causes of why and what we can do to help support our thyroid glands!  

Interview with the Champ and Former Olympian: David Diaz

August 22, 2012

Today's show is going to be interviewing an amazing athlete who was a 2 time WBC Light Weight Champion of the World.  Two time National Glove Champ.  Four time Golden Glove Champ and 1996 Olympian.  He will be talking about his amazing career, his dedication and passion for what he has done and accomplish and what he is doing today to continue his feat outside the ring.  

Laws of the Body

August 15, 2012

Today we are going to talk about the laws of the body and how they coorelate with one's health.  There are three simple laws to the human body and when we understand how they work, we can maximize our health to its fullest potential.  Tune in and enjoy... Remember...  Be Well...  Live Well...  The choice is yours! Namaste!

Myths about Fats

August 8, 2012

Learn about the variety of myths of fats and the benefits of how good fats tremendously affects your health.  If you are suffering from high cholesterol and other chronic diseaes, you do not want to miss this show!  

Effects of Medication on Your Body

August 1, 2012

In this episode, Dr. Manzo talks about the effects of what one medication does to the body and brings some alarming facts about how medicated Americans are and learning to weigh some options.  He will talk about the most medications prescribed and some tips on how to seek out healthy alternatives.  Stay Tuned!