Wellness Finances with Matt Sapaula and Richard Love

July 25, 2012

Two military veterans who fought for our freedom are now working together to fight for family's financial freedoms.  Matt and Richard are dedicated to re-grow the middle class that is quickly evaporating in our society today.  Their companies mission that was in Forbes magazine states, "Serving 100,000 families in the next 100 days."  That is a bold misison but Richard Love and Matt Sapaula have already served 20 families in two weeks and they are determine to help in this cause.  Don't miss out on the show!

Honoring Veterans with Special Guest - Richard Love

July 18, 2012

Richard Love is a Bronze Star and fought in Afghanistan.  He has been with the US Military for 20 years and retiring this August.  He will share some of the sacrifices he has made in his life to fight for the freedoms we have today.

Honoring Veterans with Special Guest Matt Sapaula

July 11, 2012

Matt Sapuala is a former Marine and Chicago's own Money Smart Guy.  Matt is the number one financial coach in the United States and we will hear his story of being in the army and what he had to sacrifice in order to protect our country.

Healthcare Reform

July 6, 2012

In the past week, I have engaged in many conversations where people have held strong opinions about the Healthcare Reform.  In this show, I will take an unbias approach toward it and pick out some of the pros and cons. DO NOT MISS IT!