Do Genes Control Our Destiny?

June 27, 2012

Listen in as Dr. Manzo unveils the truth about our genes, genetics, the TRUE function of our genes and what is the controller of our genes.  If you have family history of specific diseases, you won't want to miss this topic as we will talk about specific ways to prevent some of these concepts.  

3 Tips to Losing Weight and Feeling Great!

June 20, 2012

In this segment, Dr. Vic will discuss three main concepts on how to lose weight, feel great and have more energy.  The summer is here and for those who are trying to get that beach body, this segment will help you along the way.  Don't miss out! More about Dr Vic Manzo  

Sickness VS Healthcare

June 13, 2012

Are you living a life towards healthcare or sick care?  Find out this and much more on how to live a vibrant, healthier life through some basic simple steps that will help you Live Wellness Smart!   More about Dr Vic Manzo

Foods to Buy: Organic vs Non-Organic

June 8, 2012

  We constantly hear about how it is better to eat organic.  Ever want to find ways on how we can get the best out of our foods, organic or not, and save on our budget a bit?  If so, this call is for you!   More about Dr Vic Manzo