5 Simple Benefits to Consuming Bone Broth

May 18, 2018

Bone broth has caught a lot of people's attnetion lately and even though, it may seem like something new and amazing, it truly is more pre-historic and paleolithic than anything else.  But what is bone broth?  What can it do for your health?

In this episode, I will be sharing with you 5 simple benefits to consuming bone broth that is backed by much research.  I also wanted to share with you 5 things that can be very impactful to your health and help inspire you to consume bone broth but more importantly, make it on your own and show how simple it is to make.

We also discuss in this episode, ways on how I consume bone broth, applications and methods of cooking.  Below you can find some of the resources that I stated I would share from this episode.  Tune in now! :)

Instapot 6 Quart

Instapot 9 Quart

Recipe Cooking with Instapot

Recipe Cooking with Crock Pot

Recipe Cooking on Stove Top

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Organization of the Mind = Growth

May 4, 2018

In life, we are either growing or we are protecting.  We are thriving or surviving.  We are expanding or we are shrinking.  We are living or we are dying.  This is what we are doing on consistent basis.  Every single day, you are moving more towards growth, thriving, expanding and living OR you are moving twards protecting, surviving, shrinking and dying.  

You are never in the same place at the same time and you can only be one of these at the end of the day.  Which one would you choose?  What do you want to predominately be in at the end of the day?  

In this podcast, I will be discussing how to start the process of helping your nervous system and your body focus more on growth, thriving, expanding and living rather than protecting, surviving, shrinking and dying.  We will share were it all starts and how we can help give you a slight edge on the growth side of things!

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What is the Cause of Autism?

April 20, 2018

April has been declared Autism Awareness Month.  The rise in Autism is happening in staggering numbers.  What is the cause?  Why are we seeing this?  WIth all the medical advancements and new technology, how can this continue to be on the rise?  Experts and researchers state we will see an Autism rate of 1 out of 2 chidlren by 2025 which they state 80% will be boys.  

In this episode, I share some of the causes behind why we are seeing a rise in Autism and what truly is the cause of Autism.  Tune in for more...

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15 Benefits to Consume CBD Oil

April 13, 2018

CBD oil is found from the hemp/marijuana plant.  CBD has been known for many of its holistic and healing properties such as protecting your nervous system, regrowing neurons in the brain, improving heart health, improving bone health, decrease pain and so much more.  In this podcast, Dr. Vic will share with the top 15 benefits with research to share why he consumes CBD oil and why he recommends it for his patients.  


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Change Your Mindset for 2017 First

January 7, 2017

Many people are creating New Year's Resolutions at this time.  Unfortunately, research shows 92% of them fail before they even start.  Tune into the show as I share with you the #1 thing that holds people back from achieving thier goals and mainfesting their dreams.

The Door to Abundance

September 22, 2016

Tune in with me as I share what I gained while I was away in Mexico but more importantly, what I tapped into that helps us stay centered, balanced and truly open the doors to receiving more of what you desire.  

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Morning Rituals and Your Health

August 5, 2016

Some of us look forward to taking charge the moment we wake up in the morning and some of us dread it.  There was a survey conducted that found out 57% of Americans hit the snooze button when waking up.  In today's podcast, we will talk about the snooze button and I will share with you the mistakes I have made along the way and what I have found that works for me when it comes to doing my morning rituals and how it has changed my life.

Trump Gets the Nomination

July 22, 2016

Well, this week Trump won the Nomination.  In this week's podcast, we discuss nomination of Donald J. Trump and the soon to be nominated Hillary Clinton and what this means for America but more importantly, how the entire process plays a role on our health.  Great food for thought in this podcast!

The Preparation Before Becoming Pregnant

July 15, 2016

When it comes time to become pregnant, most women focus on the excitement of having a baby, pregnancy and everything that follows.  What we don't focus on at times is, the work/preparation of the house before your guest arrives for the next 9 months.  What do you do?  What do you focus on?  How long do I need to prepare for?  What is 5  things I can do?  These questions and more will be answered in Dr. Vic's podcast.  Tune in and let us know what you think!

Cop Killing and Terrorist Attacks

July 8, 2016

In this show, we will be talking about how Earth is a school and what we focus on is what becomes our reality.  Each human being on this planet is co-creating the experience of life on Earth.  It is a universal law.  How can we, as humans, shift our focus so we don't have to continue to experience more terrorist attacks, innocent lives being killed, both cops and civilians, and much more.

Celebrate Your Freedom

July 1, 2016

4th of July weekend upon us.  Many of you are celebrating with friends, family, taking a vacation, enjoying some rays, barbequing and much more.  We celebrate the concept of freedom but how about celebrating the freedom you have every single day?  What about the free will that you have been given to you the moment the true YOU has been created?  Tune in and lets celebrate our FREEDOM!

Focus ONLY on your Desires

June 24, 2016

In today's modern world, we have so many distractions that pull us away from our dreams and living the life that we desire.  In this podcast, I will share with you ways to stay focused and how to maintain a strong sense of focus of what you desire so you can truly achieve the life you want to live!